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Creating career pathways for Indigenous Australians in the resource sector

20 August 2018

In Western Australia, the resources industry is the leading private sector employer of Indigenous Australians.

According to the CMEWA 2017 survey, Indigenous participation in Western Australia’s (WA) resources sector makes up four per cent, with 88 per cent of those working in mining. Given 1.6 per cent of the entire WA workforce is Indigenous, this high representation highlights the positive commitment made by the industry in WA to train and employ Indigenous Australians and reflects how important cross-cultural knowledge can and must be, in the workplace.

Embracing local talent

Indigenous people, especially those living in communities close to mine sites, are an excellent source of new talent to the resources sector.

Considering the past skills shortages and ageing workforce challenges that the industry now faces, it is vital that organisations embrace employment opportunities from across the entire state, especially local communities.

Sourcing training opportunities

Leading companies recognise the unique contribution of Indigenous workers, and aim to employ and harness this talent across their organisations. Many have created pre-employment training and apprenticeship opportunities directly targeting Indigenous Australians.

Programmed Training Services and initiatives such as the National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS) program helps leading oil and gas businesses to find, recruit and support quality prospective trainees and apprentices to create a long-term career path, by providing ongoing support and mentorship throughout the training process.

Of the 2018 NETTS program participants, 29 per cent of apprentices currently identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. As a leading Australian training organisation, Programmed Training Services is proud of the number of customised Indigenous Pathway Programs that continue to see success, giving applicants whom may not be ready to complete an apprenticeship a pathway into a career in the oil and gas industry.

Programmed helps build a qualified workforce and facilitates workplace diversity through its two signature programs, the Indigenous Pathways Program and NETTS.

Both these initiatives take trainees and apprentices from a variety of backgrounds and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the oil and gas industry.

For more information on how to create a diverse and qualified workforce, contact Brendon Ah Chee or Francine Pickett

Programmed is a leading Staffing and Maintenance organisation, providing staffing, professional, technical, training and maintenance services across Australia and New Zealand with more than 20,000 employees supporting industry.

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