Production and Maintenance On-hire Production and Maintenance On-hire

We deliver an extensive range of maintenance services to mining and industrial sites and facilities to help you get the job done right.

Looking for maintenance services? Get in touch

Looking for maintenance services?

Get in touch

Short, long-term and permanent supplementary labour for production and maintenance works.

Expert maintenance workforce on demand

We provide short, long-term, and permanent labor solutions tailored to your needs, from fixing mobile plants, managing heavy equipment, to tackling high-risk environments.

Key services

  • Specialist Maintenance Tradespeople and Operators: From fixing machinery to operating heavy equipment, we’ve got the specialists you need.
  • Rapid Mobilization for Breakdowns: When things go wrong, we spring into action fast to get you back on track.
  • Support for Scheduled Maintenance Shutdowns or Projects: Whether planned or unexpected, count on us to keep your projects running smoothly.

With a national FIFO and DIDO workforce and a network of regional branches, we’re equipped to handle even the most remote and challenging locations.