National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS) National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS)

The National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS) is an innovative collaboration between major oil and gas organisations and Programmed to build a skilled, diverse and capable workforce for the future of the oil and gas industry.

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NETTS apprenticeships are offered over a four-year period, and include training in classroom, as well as on-the-job training across several host sites.

How is NETTS different?

The NETTS program is unique to traditional apprenticeship programs in a number of ways:

  • Companies work together, sharing their expertise to ensure that apprentices have the best possible exposure
  • The first 18 months of the apprenticeship is based in a structured learning environment to give them the skills to transition to an on- or offshore oil and gas role
  • Host companies will take apprentices from other hosts to give the entire group exposure to a variety of facilities and equipment
  • No matter the trade – process, instrumentation/electrical or mechanical – they all complete foundations training in Year 1
  • Apprentices are taught a variety of life skills that will prepare them for the transition from school to the workplace
  • Secondments are arranged with other facilities to provide apprentices with additional experiences that they may not get by working on the one site


While the oil and gas sector went through a rapid growth period in 2013-2014, industry leaders began to discuss ways to better recruit and train apprentices.

The desire was for a standardised education and training program to increase the supply of safe, skilled workers for the future.

Out of these discussions, the concept of a collaborative training program was worked through, and the National Energy Technicians Training Scheme (NETTS) was born. The NETTS model was designed to use innovative educational approaches, increase community engagement and lower training costs. Established in 2016, the NETTS program continues to grow and meet the needs of a growing oil and gas industry.

Potential candidates are targeted at school-leaver stage with a pre-recruitment strategy involving representatives visiting schools to raise awareness of the program and employment opportunities.

The foundation of this program was built on three core goals:

  • To increase diversity in the energy sector, targeting 50/50 male/female split and 20% First Nation participation.
  • Setting an industry standard for training of new entrants into the oil and gas sector across Australia.
  • To provide a steady pipeline of competent, safe and skilled operators and tradespeople into the energy sector.

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