News & Insights | Defence Industry Pathways Program – Logan starts defence journey with BEAK Engineering

Defence Industry Pathways Program – Logan starts defence journey with BEAK Engineering

2 November 2023

Logan Farrelly, a current participant in the seventh intake of the Defence Industry Pathways Program (DIPP) conducted at South Metropolitan TAFE (SM TAFE), is creating his own destiny.

Having been inspired to join the Program following the success story of a friend, Logan said he joined in the hope of finding a “better career”.

“I joined the DIPP in hopes of pursuing a better career, as well as expanding my horizons,” he said.

“I have a friend who has previously been in the Program, and she said that it was very good.

“My friend found what she wanted to do while completing the Program and fortunately got offered an apprenticeship.”

Speaking about his time at SM Tafe thus far, Logan says “they have taught me a lot.”

“SM TAFE has helped me progress my learning by putting me in an environment with friendly people and positive lecturers,” he continued.

Logan speaks highly of his experience at his first secondment rotation at host employer BEAK Engineering, having found himself in a hands-on role tailored to his experience in the Program.

“My experience so far has been very good, even during the first work placement I have managed to gain quite a few skills from the team at BEAK,” he said.

“I can say that I’ve enjoyed the mechanical side of working with BEAK, assembling them in the RAST (Recover, Assist, Secure, Traverse) systems on the ships.”

Logan’s experiences so far have confirmed he’s keen to pursue a career in the defence industry.

“I’m hoping to gain a lot of experience and insight into the available roles within the defence industry, to hopefully pursue and solidify a career within it,” he said.

Seeing Logan’s growth and his potential for the future, Bryan McMaster, WA Manager at BEAK, said Logan has been a “very keen” trainee.

“Right from warehouse operations to begin with, to stripping down equipment, Logan has been on board vessels, assembled components, had exposure to the rigid safety regime of ANZAC sustainment, maritime naval space and been involved in the installation of equipment,” Bryan said.

“Logan is very keen and will have more involvement and exposure, we will start to get Logan involved in interpreting drawings and expose him to underwater drones and other BEAK divisions”.

Bryan also references the service provided by Programmed Training Services.

“Support has been first class every step of the way, with Programmed personnel working hand-in-hand with BEAK making the process smooth and easy,” he said.

“This has been pivotal as a factor in our continued support for the Program.

“It is essential for industry to support this Program overall.”

Bryan McMaster – WA Manager, BEAK Engineering

When it comes to supporting the DIPP, Bryan stresses the importance of industry getting involved.

“It is essential for industry to support this Program overall,” Bryan said.

“If we don’t support industry in this way, there won’t be the growth and the future of the business we need.”

“I would strongly advise anyone that can, to support the Program and come onboard – we need to support growth for industry, and we need to support the people and infrastructure behind it.”

Bryan also explained how the benefits were not just to the participants and to the industry, but to BEAK themselves.

“There is an enormous sense of wellbeing – not just as a business but also in the opportunity it provides,” he said.

“The placements have afforded our staff an immeasurable opportunity for professional development and growth.

“This mentoring exposure and experience supports our own team’s development and we really enjoy the benefit of giving back and seeing growth in individuals.”

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