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Learning Home Tips and Tricks with Programmed

1 July 2021

In partnership with UnitingCare Kippax and Housing ACT (HACT), Programmed holds Trades Workshops for members of the Kippax community. This workshop, led by a qualified tradesman from Programmed Essential Services, demonstrated practical skills useful for around the home.  

Working together with UnitingCare Kippax Trade Start, Programmed helps deliver workshops, training programs and so on as part of out Mower Shed social enterprise. Tenants come along to learn new skills that can help them find long-term employment. 

The trades workshops aim to teach HACT tenants basic maintenance skills and techniques, empowering them to do their own minor repairs around the home.

Learning New Handy Person Skills

For many of us, doing simple home maintenance tasks can be daunting. But the little things we can do around the home plays a part in keeping everyone safe and secure.

UnitingCare, Housing ACT and Programmed saw an opportunity to teach community members, encouraging them to roll up their sleeves and give it a go. 

Getting ‘On the Tools’

Programmed took workshop attendees through some basic DIY jobs they can do around the house, such as repairing flyscreen’s, patching and painting walls, and using tools safely. 

Programmed also gave a presentation on fire safety in the home and how to check smoke detectors.

Minor maintenance and repair jobs are considered non-standard items, meaning it is the tenants’ responsibility to fix them. Hiring trades people for minor repairs can be expensive. Instead, tenants are encouraged to make the repairs themselves. As a result, they save money and learn new skills.

Heading into the Garden

In the second half of the training session, everyone headed outside for a gardening demonstration. A guest speaker from Mower Shed gave an overview of tools needed to keep yards maintained. 

Attendees got to try their hand at learning how to use various gardening equipment safely, giving them the confidence to get out in their gardens and try it for themselves. 

Programmed looks forward to participating in more workshops with the UnitingCare Kippax community in the future.  

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