News & Insights | Paige Hill: Triumph in Port Hedland’s School-Based Trainee Program

Paige Hill: Triumph in Port Hedland’s School-Based Trainee Program

12 January 2024

In Port Hedland, success shines brightly through talent like Paige Hill.

A winner of the Trainee/Apprentice of the Year category at the 2023 Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Excellence awards, Paige has been recognised for her outstanding performance as a sport and recreation trainee at the Town of Port Hedland – through its school-based trainee program.

The Town of Port Hedland’s collaboration with Programmed Training Services, Hedland Senior High School and North Regional TAFE offers a school-based trainee program to the local community, providing invaluable opportunities for local students seeking real workplace experience during their Year 11 and 12 studies.

It was Paige’s dedication and hard work throughout her time in the program that earned her the Trainee/Apprentice of the Year award.

With such an honour to her name at just 18 years of age, Paige is already looking forward to what the future holds.

“It [winning the Trainee/Apprentice of the Year] means everything because there is so much that can come from this award,” she said in an interview with the North West Telegraph.

“It has definitely just kick-started my career.”

Attributing her success to how the program is run, Paige emphasises its unique ability to offer a solid foundation for learning, earning and professional growth – and she encourages those thinking of joining the program to give it a shot.

“I really think the program gives you a really solid foundation, and I think all young people should consider it,” she said.

Paige’s success is not only personal, but also emblematic of the positive outcomes from Port Hedland’s school-based trainee program.

As we celebrate Paige’s achievements, we also applaud the collaborative efforts shaping the future of Port Hedland’s young people and look forward to continuing to nurture talent and provide pathways for success.

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