News & Insights | The perfect pairing in Aeronautics and Defence – Xavier and UXMachines

The perfect pairing in Aeronautics and Defence – Xavier and UXMachines

15 February 2024

In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, the Defence Industry Internship and Graduate Scholarship (DIIGS) program plays a crucial role in shaping the workforce of the future.

The DIIGS program is funded by the Western Australian Government and serves as a conduit between academic learning practical application, providing invaluable opportunities for both students and industry hosts alike.

Xavier O’Brien, a final-year Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical) student at Edith Cowan University (ECU), embarked on a transformative journey when he joined the DIIGS program.

Having always aspired of a career in the defence industry, Xavier has been able to align that desire with his passions for aeronautics and technology.

“I always wanted to work in defence,” Xavier said.

“When I saw the program being promoted on the ECU engineering group, I saw this program as a perfect opportunity to get industry experience in the most exciting sector I could think of.”

Xavier commenced his internship placement in November 2023 with UXMachines, a pioneering company specialising in data science, aerial drones and IT software solutions, and says it has so far been a “very valuable experience.”

“It’s given me a lot of experience in Computer-Aided Design (CAD),” he said.

“I’ve learnt a lot about how different drones work, and the build aspect.

“I’m really interested in the aerodynamics side – the construction side of it, looking into the program I use for it, learning a whole bunch about it.

“With the actual design element, I have already done some aspects of design with my background in aerodynamics and technology sides – however, this has allowed me to put it into practice.

“With my studies of aeronautical technology, I am also looking into technology and construction considerations from an engineering background – this has shaped my knowledge and development of the product.

“I believe this will really support not only my learnings but my future career.”

For companies like UXMachines, participation in a program like DIIGS is a testament to their dedication to fostering talent and driving innovation in the defence industry.

Dr. Artur Lugmayr, Founder/Director of UXMachines, said the decision to partner with the program felt “natural”.

“We are part of the family of Defence West, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, and as a company we want to pioneer the next generation of autonomous aerial drone technology,” Artur said.

“For us it was natural to support DIIGS and to support Defence Australia, as we need access to young talents to create innovations and pioneer new technologies”.

“The Department of Training and Workforce Development has done the right thing in supporting education, and training will generate the next workforce.

“It motivates people to come into defence – especially for WA.

“A skilled workforce is a required piece in the puzzle, it’s an extremely good strategy.”

It is a strategy that Artur encourages other organisations to follow.

“It is important to get in touch with students,” Artur said.

“They cannot be fully ready but the internship is an opportunity where you can train and funnel students into your workforce.

“Some companies scare away as it may be a cost, or the risk of non-performers, but they should see it as a chance and opportunity for the company to find talents.

“You need to invest the time – it is a perfect opportunity.”

Xavier is equally as strong in his encouragement of others to join the program – and is grateful for the support provided by Programmed throughout.

“You will learn and meet industry contacts,” he said.

“It is something people will always look at as a very valuable experience.

“Merzieh [Fabbri – Training Coordinator, Programmed Training Services] was always proactive, always checking in to see how we are all doing.

“From visits to collecting forms, I always find it lovely with the support aspect – not just from an employer point-of-view, but general wellbeing.”

Artur echoes Xavier’s sentiments, describing the experience with Programmed as “absolutely hassle free.”

“They [Programmed] are extremely easy to work with,” Artur said.

“They helped us with student selection, screening and matching, paperwork support, pastoral care, motivating students – you name it.

“We have a friendly, welcoming relationship – they talk us through the program, and not only place students but look after their wellbeing as well.

“If industry is scared, they shouldn’t be – you are fully supported throughout.”

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