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CEO Editorial | Programmed GO, making work life simpler

5 August 2019

Technology allows us to think and behave differently; it should add value to our lives.

But, sometimes the search for simplicity in a web of interconnecting systems and processes can create even greater complexity. Complexity is the enemy of innovation!

Until recently, we had several different systems, each designed for their primary purpose. This included a system for job applications, another for recording safety observations and incidents. A separate system for onboarding and training and another for tracking time and attendance as well as accessing key information including payslips and important business notifications.

Our branch network is the primary touchpoint for candidates and our employees meaning, significant staff time was spent on administrative tasks and managing information from these various systems.

We knew we needed to work differently – better and smarter, make working with us easier.

Programmed GO is a mobile-first solution for people, enabling them to search and apply for a job, and later manage their employment with us in a single connected process.

It was a significant undertaking for our Technology team to map out the different systems we had in place and the integration required. It wasn’t about replacing various systems; instead, we aimed to re-design each system to meet the requirements of what the business and our employees needed, now and into the future.

Now, with Programmed GO, all activities can be completed by our candidates and employees in one system, which is easily accessible across devices wherever they are.

Programmed GO has not only reduced time for our employees, but it’s also created opportunity for our staff to spend more time with our on-site employees; building relationships and creating a more connected environment.

Since launching Programmed GO in mid-2018, we have over 280,000 users, received 600,000 applications and over 80% of our on-site employees manage their careers with us via the Programmed GO app.

Programmed GO continues to evolve and improve, adding new features and fixes every month. It now houses a learning management system, so employees can complete inductions for different customer sites and safety modules to refresh their knowledge – all from the palm of their hand!

I am proud of what we have achieved through Programmed GO and excited about the opportunities that it opens up for our employees in the future.

Nic Fairbank

CEO, Programmed Skilled Workforce

PROGRAMMED – Building Outstanding People, Strong Customers, Great Communities.

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