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Collaborative First Nations artwork: Gladstone Training Services team

18 April 2024

Written by Karra Benjamin, Business Administration Trainee

I would like to share an artwork that myself, Rebecca Oliver, Training Coordinator, Michele Tory, Training Coordinator, and one of our Traditional Owner (TO) Admin Trainees, Khyiesha Johnson, put together during our induction period here in Gladstone, Queensland.

This artwork represents our three collaboration companies – Shell QGC, ConocoPhillips and Santos GLNG – and Programmed. In the artwork, these three companies – and Programmed – are represented by their company colours:

  • Green – Programmed
  • Blue – Santos GLNG
  • Red – ConocoPhillips
  • Yellow (we didn’t have orange!) – Shell QGC

All companies are brought together through the water/river lines, which also represents the waterways (Ferry and Harbour) to the centre piece of the artwork. The centre piece represents Curtis Island, which Santos GLNG, ConocoPhillips and Shell QGC all work on. Within the representation of Curtis Island, there are symbols in white – these symbols represent men and women as all three sites, and Programmed, strive for a diverse workforce.

The four small circles between the sites represent our four programs within the three companies – Apprenticeships, Trainees, Process Trainees and our TO Program. These are also connected with our water/river lines to our collaboration companies.

Inside those water ways, we have footprints. These footprint symbols represent the footprint that Programmed employees make within the collaboration programs with our clients each and every day, ensuring we stand by our core values: Personal safety leadership, care and empathy, customer service, and diversity, inclusion and equality.

Lastly, the symbols around the outside of the artwork are ‘meeting places’. These symbols represent various places we come together with both our clients and employees. For example, we come together and catch up at our Programmed office, the University, luncheons and our client’s offices. These are but a few examples the meeting places we come together and yarn, to keep our programs thriving and growing.

This artwork is a story that brings all people together, holding strong values of equality, diversity and safety for people of all backgrounds, age and colour, through the journey of being in partnership with Shell QGC, Santos GLNG, ConocoPhillips and Programmed.

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