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Programmed trainees give back to the local QLD community

15 April 2019

Programmed trainees have transformed a once dull and barren vegetable garden into an enjoyable retreat for residents at Bluecare Edenvale Aged Care Facility in Glen Eden.

Programmed Training Services, in partnership with Shell’s QGC business, launched the first Curtis Island LNG Indigenous Careers Program, with our first six maintenance trainees kick-starting their careers in January this year.

Our trainees first complete a 13 week induction program that will help build their knowledge about the LNG industry, as well as their skills and knowledge of workplace health and safety, before they transition onto the Shell’s QGC LNG plant to complete their on-the-job training.

As part of the induction program, our trainees are tasked with completing a community project to help put their project delivery skills into use. Working together, our trainees had to design, plan, budget and schedule a five day project build, using the recycled materials where possible.

Bluecare Edenvale Aged Care Facility provided the perfect project for our trainees, with their vegetable garden in desperate need of a refresh. Our trainees wanted to make the garden into a place where residents could sit and enjoy the space, as well as having their own place to grow produce. Their plan included adding structure to the garden by creating pathways and a seating area, as well as raised garden areas to help with access and a flower stand to introduce some bright colours to the space.

Our trainees each assigned themselves roles and responsibilities for the project: Ben Charles took on the role of Project Lead, Malinda Aeschlimann was Site Safety Officer, Maddison Petrie was Finance Officer, Joseph Stott Hudson and Simone Dowdle completed the design concept and Tre McKenzie sourced project materials.

While they had a budget for resources and plants (with thanks to Shell’s QGC business for contributing sponsorship money for the project), our trainees also had to source recycled materials as mentioned. They approached local business community for assistance and were very thankful for all the assistance they received. A special thanks to the following people and local businesses for their contribution:

  • Blomfield Excavations, who kindly donated all the garden and pathway materials
  • Ausproof, for donating recycled materials
  • Space Marine Agency, for also donating recycled materials
  • Haymans Electrical
  • Pructons
  • Mark Shaw, Ben Dowdle and Cameron Larner (Turn of the Tide Training) for sharing your knowledge, experience and time throughout the preparation and project build.

Project Lead Ben told us that he really enjoyed being a part of building something for the residents to enjoy and learning how to step up out of his comfort zone to lead the team, working together to overcome any challenges. ‘I also learnt a lot about the processes and procedures required in the planning and scheduling of a project, and gained new skills with tools and equipment that I have never used before’.

Programmed Apprentice Advisor Letia Shaw said that she was very proud of our trainees’ efforts and commitment to delivering an outstanding garden for Bluecare’s residents. ‘It was great to see the team collaboration throughout the project and to observe them putting to use the range of skills they have been learning through their induction.’

‘The garden space they have created is something that all the Edenvale residents will be able to actively enjoy or just as a peaceful spot to sit,’ said Letia.

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