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Programmed redeploy hundreds of Aussies in new jobs within days

28 April 2020

Since the pandemic began, Programmed has redeployed over 1500 Australians with thousands of roles still open. We are working collaboratively with our customers to support their needs and keep their operations running as well as supporting those Australians who have been impacted by closures and shutdowns.

One such customer is Woolworths, who required a rapid temporary increase in the number of staff required at many of their distribution centres across the country to support their 24/7 operation, ensuring shelves are stocked, high demand items are readily available and consumers aren’t left short.

Celeste Williams. Photo credit: News Corp Australia

Our Oxley team placed 120 new starters at the Brisbane Regional Distribution Centre in a matter of days (70 on Sunday 22 March, 50 on Sunday 29 March). We received the initial request for 70 new starters with only three days’ notice from Woolworths. Our team met the challenge ensuring all of our candidates were compliant with Woolworths’ expectation of quality people and recruitment processes while navigating the restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

One person that has been redeployed through this program is Exercise Scientist, Celeste Williams.

“I feel very happy and blessed that I was able to gain alternative employment so quickly. Programmed is great, they made the entire process extremely easy and have been accessible for any questions and concerns I have had.”

As the tenth largest private employer in Australia, we want to do all we can to help keep Australians in the workforce.

“Our desire is to get as many Australians into employment as possible, and we are working closely with businesses experiencing an increase in operational demands to redeploy as many of our employees as we can into available roles,”

“We are looking for skilled and unskilled workers, everything from engineers, drivers, nurses and health professionals, operators, warehouse and logistics people and more,” Managing Director and Group CEO, Glenn Thompson.

We’re here to help! If you’re looking for work, register your details, search and apply for jobs on Programmed GO, available free from your App store or visit

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