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Walking Together: NETTS Apprentices Embrace Reconciliation

5 July 2024

In a wonderful showing of solidarity and commitment, our first-year apprentices of the National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS) marched together Friday 31 May, 2024 – joining thousands within the community in a profound Walk for Reconciliation.

As we traversed the path toward a future woven in harmony and understanding, the echoes of our footsteps resonated with the resolute call for justice and recognition of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Under the poignant theme of ‘Now More Than Ever’, our collective journey served as a poignant reminder that the struggle for justice is perpetual – and our dedication to the cause must remain unwavering.

With every step, we affirmed our pledge to uphold the values of inclusivity, respect and equality.

The commencement of our transformative voyage was marked by a moving Welcome to Country, a gesture of profound respect for the traditional custodians of the land upon which we tread.

Guided by the wisdom of key speakers, we embarked on our odyssey at 12:30pm – propelled by the flickering flames of multiple Smoking Ceremony fire pits that punctuated our path.

As we traversed along the flowing waters of the bilya (river), the pulse of unity beat within our hearts – forging bonds of camaraderie and understanding among us.

The culmination of our Walk brought us to the hallowed grounds of the Supreme Court Gardens, where we stood in solidarity amid a tapestry of diverse voices and perspectives. Here, guest performers lent their voices to the chorus of hope and resilience – weaving melodies of unity that reverberated throughout the gathered throng.

Our journey through the park symbolised not only a physical traverse, but also a spiritual and emotional pilgrimage towards reconciliation and healing.

Our participation in the Walk for Reconciliation transcended mere footsteps; it represented a collective commitment to fostering a society founded upon principles of equity and empathy.

As NETTS apprentices, we recognise that our journey towards reconciliation is ongoing – and it is incumbent upon us to perpetuate the flame of justice for generations to come.

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